Low Spatter MIG welding

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Mig welding

Little sparks springing out of the welding contact point is weld spatter. Due to many reasons, the molten metal in the work area splashes out, drops at the cool surface, and forms tiny balls. This disturbs the finish of the material and also poses danger to the working environment. During the process of MIG welding, this splatter is contained within the work puddle. Ideally, a weld seam should be almost invisible. However, the material and the structure greatly affect the finish of the seam and the material. Sometimes these unwanted metal deposits can become impossible to remove. It is important to keep the molten metal from flying off to the adjoining areas.

Common Causes of High Spatter

  • Poor quality of the metal
  • Contaminants such as dirt and coatings
  • Shallow or excessive fillet size
  • Inappropriate temperature and speed
  • Misaligned torch angle and movement
  • Defects such as fins and fractures