Clean Kit

The clean kit has realized improvement in the operation rate of welding robot and the welding quality.

  • Automatically removes spatters in the torch nozzle. (L-10748, K-2725)
  • Enables simultaneous operation of cleaning and application of adhesive spatter inhibitors. (L-10748, K-2725)
  • Brushing function is added to wire cutting fuction (K-2726). (L-10748, K-2725)



Model L-10748 K-2725 K-2726
Internal diameter of nozzle Choice from among ф13, ф16, and ф19
Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption (W) 57 50
Air source (MPa) 0.49 Unnecessary Unnecessary
Dimension (Total length x
Total width x Total height) (mm)
438 x 195 x 233 498 x 188 x 227 132 x 190 x  143
Weigth (kg) 11 9.7 4.5
Applicable wire diameter (mm) ф1.6 or less
Accessories Guide metal fitting,
Special purpose
metal fixture set,
Discharge duct set
Guide metal fitting,
Special purpose
metal fixture set
Special purpose
metal fixture set
Others The spatter anti-deposition agent is optional
Function Dual nozzle cleaning
Wire cut




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