Compact Servo Torch

Compact Servo Torch

by OTC Daihen

The Photo indicates the full feeding unit equipped with a compact servo torch CO2/MAG MTXC-3541PS).

  • Be sure to use the compact servo torch together with an assist feeder.
  • We provide compact servo torches for CO2/MAG and for aluminum MIG.

CO2 / MAG Welding Torch

  • MTXC-3541PS
  • MTXCW-5041PS

MIG Welding Torch

  • MTXCA-3041PS
  • MTCAW-4041PS



CO₂ / MAG Welding Torch

Model Maximum welding current
(MAG welding)
Rated duty cycle
(MAG welding)
MTXC-3541PS 350 A (250 A) 50% (50%)
MTXCW-5041PS 500 A (300 A) 70% (50%)

MIG Welding Torch

Model Maximum welding current Rated duty cycle
MTXCA-3041PS 300 A 50%
MTCAW-4041PS 400 A 70%




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