Number One In OTC’s Line Up Of “EP” Series Welding Machines, Offering Both High Quality DC Pulse MAG/MIG and CO2/ MAG/MIG Welding

  • Incredible Arc Stability at Very Low Current Ranges
  • Incredible Arc Stability at Very High Welding Speeds
  • Incredible Quality Welding Achievable on Stainless Steel
  • Instantaneous Arc Start By Capacitor Discharge Method
  • Four-Roll Encoder Wire Feeder As Standard Equipment

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  • Name of welding power source EP-400 EP-500
  • Rated input voltage, frequency, three-phase, 380V + 10%, 50/60Hz
  • Rated input DC: 17.0 kVA (15.5 kW)
  • Pulse: 17.8KA (16.3kW) DC: 24.2KA (22.4kW)
  • Pulse: 20.0 kVA (17.2 kW)
  • Rated input current: DC: 25.8A pulse: 27.0A DC: 36.8A pulse: 30.4A
  • Rated Output Current DC/Pulse: 400A DC 500A, Pulse: 400A
  • Rated Load Voltage DC/Pulse: 34V DC 39V, Pulse: 34V
  • Rated output current range: 30-400A DC: 30-500A, pulse: 30-400A
  • Rated output voltage range 15.5-34V 15.5-39V
  • Rated no-load voltage 86.2V 87.5V
  • Rated load sustainability DC/pulse: 60% DC: 500A 60%, pulse: 400A 80%
  • Welding Conditions Storage (Memory) Number 100
  • Insulation Class F Transformer Class H Reactor Class H
  • WxDxH 685X400X676 (mm)
  • (excluding the height of protrusions such as suspension rings)
  • Quality 62kg 66kg
  • Protection Level IP21S
  • Wire feeder
  • Model CME-6401
  • Applicable wire diameter (0.8)/(0.9)/1.0/1.2/(1.4)/(1.6)
  • Feeding speed 0.4-22m/min
  • Welding wire carrying weight 25kg
  • Quality 11kg
  • Other configurations
  • Welding torch WT3510-SBD (air cooling) WT5000-SBD (air cooling)
  • Gas flow regulator W-50FL-Ar W-50FL-Ar
  • Welded cable BKPT-5002 BKPT-7002
  • Trachea for wire feeder K5857 K5857
  • 10-core control cable for wire feeder QK0072B00 QK0072B00




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